East Coast Reflector IRLP 9050
# Flag Callsign Suffix DPRS Via / Peer Last heard Module
1 United States W4END KT4ROY  B 24.05.2024 23:17 E
18 United States KN4KCU KT4ROY  B 24.05.2024 22:31 E
61 United States KB2NGU KT4ROY  B 24.05.2024 21:10 E
70 United States N2AML KT4ROY  B 24.05.2024 20:59 E

XLX334 Part of the Alabama Link System

East Coast Reflector IRLP 9050 - E

Transcoding between DSTAR <> other modes available on all modules

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Echolink KT4ROY-R Node 358391      NX CORE Server      DSTAR XLX668 Mirror of 334 USE G3 Terminal

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